Equal Pay Day

This website contains a variety of handy resources to assist you take action on Equal Pay Day. We have included content about state and federal legislation, and step-by-step suggestions to help you pursue pay equity projects. Tell us what your movement branch or group is doing to recognize the day so we can see what we can do to fight for equal pay all across the States and help spread the word around the globe of your events before they take part.

Only 1 year after graduation, women earn only 80% of what their male counterparts make. 10 years after graduation, women fall further behind, earning only 68% of what men make. Even after controlling for hours, occupation, parenthood, and other factors known to affect earnings, the research indicates that one-quarter of the pay gap remains unexplained and is likely due to sex discrimination. Over time, the unexplained portion of the pay gap grows.

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payday loan site Requirements

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Equity Loan

Home equity loan is a kind of financial loan in which the borrower operates the equity in their home as monetary deposit. These loans are useful to help sponsor major home restoration, prescription bills or college preparation. A home equity loan creates a lien against the borrower's house building, and reduces actual home equity.

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